Mich Eats and Shop X Awesome August Giveaway!

August really gave me more good vibes unlike July that only give me a lot of problems. 
But this is not what I blogged for, I was about to tell you that the awesome blogger Mich is giving away these fabulous things that a girl must have and the tandem with Kai Grafia.

 5 lip colors from LA Colors and LA Girl USA

Human Heart Nature set

A cute red purse also from Kai.

Isn't these things so AWESOME? Not only for the Month of August! but it'll be awesome if you'll have these things in your hands!

So why not join the contest also? You may by cliking THIS.

Well, good luck to all of us! (*cough* I hope I win *cough*)

All photos ©  of micheatsandshops.com

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