Dieting Diaries .01

Back when I still attend classes in High School my waist line was 28 and my weight is 119 lbs. Now, NEVER MIND. Well, I really don’t know why I gained this weight right now, yesterday Me and My Mom watched a documentary about“Bigatin” or in other words, Over Weigh. I saw those women, tripled me. That big was like a Big Mama. But that is not my concern, I’m scared to be one of them someday if I don’t control my eating habits. I told myself that I should go back exercising every minute of everyday. But nothing happens really. I can’t control myself to eat foods and no exercise. I think it is a cause of having NOTHING TO DO each day you woke up. I don’t go to school now, and that really made me had this much fat. I actually gained 10 lbs. as I check my weigh yesterday. Urgh! That really sucks! It’s like I don’t love myself anymore.

I’ll admit that staying at home every time will not make you conscious. Oh yeah, I get it. Back in high school I get conscious a lot because I’m travelling everyday from home to school and vice versa. And for that I get to see people especially girls with a average figure that I was aiming every year. Just last May I was motivated to do my diet. And yes, I succeed a bit because I loss for about 10 lbs., but when June came in, I get lazy and lazier for me to not woke up early and do some exercise. Now I got to my fauͶvS-w>ONmdiv>

I really hope I could be motivated more.   

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