THE Reunion

I've been very bored blogging this past few weeks, and  the real thing is... I really don't have any topic to blog, at all. I don't go out very likely because I don't have money. But last Saturday Me and my High School Friend/EX Best friend set up a Fun Date together. I am really hunger to watch 'The Reunion' so I beg her to go with me and watch the movie. And I was thankful to her. Even if they have a school activity that day she still didn't break her promise to hang out with me. Yey!

The Movie is scheduled 1:10 P.M., but we were there 10:30 A.M. so, what do do? NOTHING!

Isn't it obvious that we don't like our faces? LOL. 

Finally, at the cinema! I must really congratulate the whole cast and the director of "The Reunion". It was really a great movie! As in, GREAT! Everybody at the cinema was laughing out their lives. It was like we are all tropa there. Loud laughter of people, and of course I am not an exemption to that, I laugh as hard as I can to express my reaction in every scene of the movie. 

My Favorite parts are when they are looking for Sherly and they went to Sherly's old house. Whoa, that was really a blast! Specially what Pat said when Mang Ben shoot the gun on him. "Mang Ben, binaril niyo ako sa leeg?! ADIK KAYO! *crying in the most hilarious way* " And the second one is when they met the Ngongo, HUWEYINGTON. 

I really love the silly parts when people can't help but to laugh! 

- JoanneA.

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