The Healing

This is a really late blog because I can't find time to do it right after the day that it happened.

Well anyway, Me and my Mom watched the most popular movie nowadays (in the Philippines only), "The Healing."  Starring the unkabogable Ms Vilma Santos-Recto, Kim Chui, Martin del Rosario, Jhong Hilario, Joel Torre and many more. 

It was the First Screening of the movie, Wednesday, July 25. We took the first movie schedule that day, and it's 12:00 N.N. But before we entered the cinema, we bought snacks at Mcdonald's. By 11:45 A.M., we went to the cinema already 'cause we don't want to miss a scene, the movie ticket is so expensive thought! Hahaha. 
The moment we had our seats, my Mom already grab some of her Fries and Burger, ever if the movie hasn't started yet. (Don't question me for why she did that, I already ask her and she said that she don't want to eat in the dark.) 

And the movie was rolling.....
Well, I cannot tell every single scene, 'cause I believe that it is a must watch movie. But I'll definitely tell what was my favorite scenes.
The Story was really an exciting one. Because on the trailer, the one that is on the Detainee shirt is the one that really kills people. You will need to guess if it is a boy or a girl because you would be shocked when you see who it is on the movie. And the girl who broke her neck, she is not what you think she is. Like I've said, you need to watch the movie.

If you want a catch up on what I'm saying, watch the full trailer here.

And I'm sure, after you have watch this movie, you'll sleep with lights on that night. hahaha. Cause it's so scary! It's like a REAL thing, there are No Ghost, but DOPPLEGANGERS. Who wouldn't be scared seeing yourself standing in front of you with an eye rolling abnormally and the other eye looking straight at you, holding a "bolo" and will be killing you anytime so you would run for your life and you wouln't know what to do but just run, run and run.

Well, you need to find out what really scared me after that night that I put on my jacket and covered my whole body while I'm sleeping even if it is not really cold. 


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