Country Heroes

Aren't you just proud of being a Filipino (if you are one)? Being a 'Pilipino' also signifies that you have a Golden Heart. I'm referring to our strong and brave rescuers during calamaies or whenever we are in need. And also the people who has kind hearts for helping the ones who looses their homes because water got into their house and stuff. By simply donating goods, clothes or in kind. Small things for others may have big meaning to them.

Volunteers are every where especially after a calamity. Who would help one another? of course if someone is in need you should offer your help. That is for the celebrities who helped other Filipinos who are in the evacuation centers now. That's their credit of saying Thank You to those people who supports them all the way. I can't help myself to get pity with the ones who are having hard time  staying in evacuation centers, specially with those who have diseases. No money, no food, no medicine. How could they cope up without the help of others? 

But when I saw that others are willing to help them, my heart jumps.

(credits to those who own the photos)

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