Philippines are now experiencing traumatic day as water continues to pour down on Luzon. It causes flood and landslides all over the city. PAG-ASA reported that these is not a Super Typhoon the strong winds and heavy rain is just a cause of the South Monsoon. But these calamity reminds us about typhoon Ondoy that has killed hundreds of lives. 

Now, authorities were that much concern with the families in those places that were so delicate from having landslides and flash floods that's why they're asking those people from low lands to evacuate the place immediately so that no lives will be at risk this time. But there are just few people that has narrow mind to stay at the roofs of their houses and are waiting for the rain to calm down and hoping that the floods will be drained so that they will be safe.The cost guards and the rescue teams are informing theme to leave their places instead of waiting, we all now that it is much safer in that case.

But I was still in pity for those people trapped in roads with nothing to eat nor drink, that they have no choice but to wait inside their cars or just risk their lives just to get out of their condition under the heavy flowing rain.

These are photos from @bayanmo, the happenings yeaterday.

Floods were all over Luzon, heavy rains still pours down. unsafe people all around. But let's not loose hope. We have experienced these as Ondoy visited our country, and we have over come all of those sufferings, so I'm sure we will be rising again from our downfall. Let's keep on praying for our fellow Filipinos that are at evacuation centers to be safe, and also everyone in the country.

Let us show the world how Filipinos don't give up in just calamities. Let us be ONE COUNTRY these time.

If you know anyone that need to be rescued just report these on the following:

Official PH Government portal: @govph
Project Noah: @nababaha
 Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA): @mmda
Philippine Red Cross: @philredcross
PAGASA: @dost_pagasa
Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo (ABS-CBN): @bayanmo

For other concers:
 power/electricity: @meralco
Evacuation Centers: @DSWDserve
Rescue Team (TV5): @rescue5ph

Keep your eye for safety.

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