Thursday Fun //

I had a early thursday today. Paolo, my former classmate invite me to go with him and apply in a job somewhere in Tungko, Bulacan. Were applying to be a Korean English Teacher.

8:00 A.M. is the actual call time we set for us to meet at the Robinson's Nova Stop. And I was the first to get there and he just arrived by 9;00 A.M., isn't he rude? :)

This Neclace I bought for just 50 pesos, cute huh?

(I'm wearing a plain half-sleve polo, jeans, doll shoes and a Heart Necklace which I bought yeaterday)

When he finally got there, I can't help myself to talk and talk because I have a lot of story for him to hear about me. And our laughs is louder than loud just to catch up with each others' life.

When we arrived at the subdivision, Pao and I need to go round and round in order to find the Day Care center because he really don't know the exact location of is, damn it. But when we finally saw it we have been immidiately assisted my some of the teachers there.

We answered 200 item exam and been interviewed by Teacher Ryan. He even call us Teacher Joanne and Teacher Pao. (Awkward!)
the exam we took
Pao had a hard time answering the Graph
finished already, cause I'm a genius lol!
children's classroom

But unfortunately, Sir ryan's problem with us is our age. He said that were only Sixteen and if he hired us they could be questioned. (child labor stuff)
Well, I'm ready for that result at the very beginning. So its alright with me, at least I will not get nervous the next time I encounter a job interview.


After that we decided to go to SM Fairview, I really want to buy accessories. Well I have a confession, accessories is really my guilty pleasure. So if I have money, I would rather buy accessories than food.

And unexpectedly, we bumped into one of our Highschool friend, CHE. Gosh, I missed this girl so much. And we just hangout with her while waiting for JARA. (they'll meet up)

And I just remember the people who has the same shirt like Pao's.
  I missed you so much! All of you! My BES' Jaena! :)))

Finally, Jara has arrived! And I wasn't expecting this day to get a lot better. Because back in 4th year we aren't (jara & I) that close, but with this day... I really enjoyed her company, so much! We laugh in everything we say. And that is quiet an wild fun.

Ohh, before I forgot, we bought milk tea in Tea Tattle
Caramel Cream

And it's actually my first time to buy milk tea in Tea Tattle because I usually bought my tea in some other brands.

- - - - - -

Had lots of fun today.
 Just to go out with friends and even saw some of our batchmates were a lot better. 

Thats it for now! Till my next post fellas! Ciao! xox

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