Fashyown Dreams X Giant Vintage (Giveaway)

Hey gals, here another blog giveaway! Kat Valdez x Giant Vintage are giving away these lovelies! So better check it out!


The One That Got Away In Paris: Happiness In A Hat Giveaway | Hatah Hatah

The One That Got Away In Paris: Happiness In A Hat Giveaway | Hatah Hatah:         Are you a cosplayer? Anime lover? Or simply just want to have a Cosplay or Anime Hat? This giveaway is for you! ...

KaiGrafia x lalalaPatricia Pretty Fairies Giveaway

Hi! This is another giveaway blog! I've been a fan of Miss Kai Grafia's blog giveaways recently.
And good news for all of us! Another blog giveaway which for 4 lucky winners!

Ohhh! I would like to have all of the set! Any thing would be okay for me to win.
But I'll be much much happier to have Second Prize.

These are the prizes at stake:

1st winner:
1 EOS Bubble Brown Circle Lens from Red Jhelli
 1 Necklace from Yuri Choi
1 Mary Kay Moisturizing Softener

2nd winner:
1 Pair Circle Lens of Winner's Choice from Lens Village
1 Necklace from Yuri Choi
1 Black Polka Skirt from Copper

3rd winner:
1 Pair Circle Lens of Winner's Choice from Lens Village
1 Necklace from Yuri Choi
1 Kai Fragrances 100ml Eau de Parfum

4th winner:
2 Fab Necklaces from Pink Me
1 Krave Blush Crush (Pink Muffin) from Jailex Couture

All fabulous right? If you want to join simple click HERE for the contest URL.

If you'll be one of the winners... I'm begging you! Share it to me PLEASE! 

 all photos © of kai grafia's blog


Kai Grafia's Fenomenal Giveaway!

I've been following Miss Kai's blog because I'm so inlove with what she post! Everything is a must read item.

And one of the best things that I love about her blog is the awesome giveaways!!
Now, here's an example of the awesomeness I'm telling you.

For the first winner:
One (1) Sheer Top
One (1) Elegant Necklace

for the second winner:
Two (2) Elegant Necklacces

Ohhh! I really wish that I could be one of the winner. 
What do you think? I couldn't even pick one from these two! If only I could win all of these!

gahhhhh! please let me be the winner! Let this be Your birthday gift for me. :)))

Huge Birthday Giveaway!

I've been a fan of blog giveaways! Buy this is so different from the other contest I joined!!!
This is a total package! I've been in love, and for sure you will too.

1 Chocolate Mirror
1 Queen Helen Mint Julep Mask
1 Beauty UK eye shadow in Earth Child
1 Zen Zest Eau de Toilette in Tangerine
1 4U2 Dreamgirl Lovelight BB Powder in no. 2
1 Nichido True Colors Powder Blush in Sunkissed
1 pair of Fashion21 Natural Look eyelashes
1 Shawill Makeup blusher in Sexy Bright no 3
1 Shawill Lipgloss in no08
1 Fashion Jewelry Keychain [ dogs ]
1 ELF Lipstain in Crimson Crush
1 Maybelline ColorSensational in Fifth Ave Fuchsia
1 Wet n Wild ColorIcon in Walking on Eggshells
1 Watsons Taiwan Facial Absorbent Paper
1 Watsons Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Tape
 1 Krave Minerale Pretty Young Thin
1 Carmex Lipbalm in jar
2 packs of Sexy Look Mask from Taiwan
3 Fashion21 Roll n Dazzle 

So many isn't it? You can also join! Click HERE It is open Internationally. 

(*cough*  Hope I win  *cough*)

Mimic's Corner Great Giveaway!!

September is just a great month for awesome giveaways! 
And talking about AWESOME GIVEAWAYS? Michelle Magramo  is having a blog giveway sponsored by MakeUpholics and Chimera On Line Shop.

Isn't these stuffs gorgeous? If you wanna join click HERE.

P.S. If you were to be the winner will you share the items with me? Please!!! :)


Mich Eats and Shop X Awesome August Giveaway!

August really gave me more good vibes unlike July that only give me a lot of problems. 
But this is not what I blogged for, I was about to tell you that the awesome blogger Mich is giving away these fabulous things that a girl must have and the tandem with Kai Grafia.

 5 lip colors from LA Colors and LA Girl USA

Human Heart Nature set

A cute red purse also from Kai.

Isn't these things so AWESOME? Not only for the Month of August! but it'll be awesome if you'll have these things in your hands!

So why not join the contest also? You may by cliking THIS.

Well, good luck to all of us! (*cough* I hope I win *cough*)

All photos ©  of micheatsandshops.com